Newest Invisible Protectors
Newest Invisible Protectors (No water version) have been developed out for portable electronic devices.
The newest generation of invisible protectors require no sprayer or solutions to adhesive side, just straightly peel-and-stick it on electronic devices like processing normal stickers, that means less mess and easier application.
We Shenzhen Kangchengtai Ind. Co., Ltd have added designs on invisible protectors to make this products more beautiful and attractive. The designs are treated anti-scratch coating, processed with durable ink, the colors will be tightly bonding on the protectors, and no risk of coming off or fading.
if you are tired of using leather cases or other bulky cases, why not choose the No Water Version Invisible protectors? it provide electronic devices with utmost protection for front side and back side, even raised or uneven parts.
Originally designed and used as car protection film for protecting the front of automobiles from stones and abrasive elements, Invisible Protectors offer scratch-proof for electronic devices from sharp tools and abrasive elements.
Invisible Protectors are a transparent and scratch-proof film, display original color and shape of your devices.
Each Invisible Protector is specially designed to fit the devices, pre-fit and custom-cut, go straight to stick on any devices and offer instant protection.