Carbon fiber skins
Carbon fiber skins are a vinyl film that looks like real carbon fiber but is less expensive and more versatile. Our carbon fiber sticker has texturized vinyl surface which the texture can be touch and felt. The film can be applied to any smooth, curved or flat surface with ease. The 3D carbon fiber textured finish allow for light better than real carbon fiber.
Soft and durable: it provides electronic devices with utmost protection for front side and back side, even raised or uneven parts.
Custom fit any devices: Carbon fiber skin is specially designed to fit the devices, pre-fit and custom-cut, go straight to stick on any devices and offer instant protection.
1. Clear screen protectors
2. Anti-Glare Screen protectors
3. Mirror Screen Protectors
4. Privacy Screen Protectors
5. Anti-fingerprint Screen Protectors
6. Anti-reflection Screen Protectors
7. Invisible Body Guards
8. Glossy Anti-fingerprint Screen Protectors
Privacy Screen
Glossy Anti-fingerprint
Screen Protectors
Mirror Screen
Clear screen